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Friday, July 30, 2010

conversation at happy hour

My husband and I were able to have drinks at a local happy hour tonight, sans les files. This is part of our conversation.....

Me: I need to dye this weekend.
Him: I need to dye, I want to dye, I must dye. Does this mean the kitchen sink should be clean? Are you sure you want to dye?
Me: Yes, i need to dye. Will you help me?
Him: Well, I will run hot water for you, but I will not assist you with dyeing.
Me: Oh, sure. If you loved me, you would help me dye.
Him: The kids can help you. If I do it, I could go to jail. The kids will totally get off.
Me: so you’ll run hot water, but you won’t help me with dyeing. Wuss.
Him: Hey, consider yourself lucky, I am happy to let you dye. Most guys would have issues with that.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dye prevents Spinal Tissue Death?

I came across this article today which links the injection of a blue dye already FDA-approved for food use into the bloodstream of someone just having had a spinal injury.

It turns out that one of the biggest problems in a spinal injury is the rush of ATP to the injury site which leads to subsequent tissue death of the nerve tissue. The injection of the dye stops that process. I don't pretend to understand all of the science. But having a quadraplegic father-in-law does give one an appreciation for these kinds of medical advances and the incredible impact that they can make.

The fact that it's a dye that I may in fact be using on yarn. Well, life don't get any better than that.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Help! My yarn is regressing!

I have quite a bit of time on my hands, oddly enough, and so I have been cleaning and assessing, as well as working through the to do list.

A great deal of the todo list is related to the online store, getting it updated and cleaned up and generally spiffy, and that process is nigh complete. So wander over and take a look-see at the store, have a virtual squish and fun drooling over the yarn. And now through the end of the year, the shipping of all or our fabulous yarns and squishy spinning fiber is on us. So that address is:

And remember they are big skeins of yarn, so one or two skeins is all it takes to make a good sized project with Ceallach Dyes yarns.

Also on the list of Ceallach-do's was to generally clean up and get rid of the excess stuff in my life. I came across another sweater that I have now completely frogged for another project. I don't know what that project will grow up to be, but the possibilities, oh the possibilities.

So here is the yarn. I think it was Rimini something or other by Reynolds or some such. I knit into a boat neck sweater at the time, which travelled to Toronto and Niagara Falls with me on a business trip and back. Now it has completely regressed to itself.

I am thinking a very simple and quick shawl or wrap with this, because well it's bulky and boucle, and not good for much else. I originally knit it on broomsticks, plastic for the planes, and I think I might do a drop stitch garter thing instead. With fringe, maybe, for some ooomph.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Knit, Spin, Dye!

Introducing some new yarns for Ceallach Dyes:

Summer Cotton is a fingering weight slightly thick and thin cotton, with 700 yds to the skein. One skein will knit up into a summer shell or camisole! Here is Summer Silk, a slightly finer fingering weight silk matka. With 900 yds per skein, that little silk sweater is very doable. To get yourself a skein of either the Summer Silk or Summer Cotton, follow the link on the right side that says Ceallach Dyes. I can now accept your Mastercard or Visa, and Priority Mail will have your yarn to you in no time at all.

On the spinning front, on the Minstrel, I have a bit of merino tencel that I got from Morgaine at Carolina Homespun. Don't know what it will be, as I spin just for me. On the needles, I have this sweet cotton cami from some stash yarn. It's a bright white and I started with a couple of triangles, with eyelets for a ribbon to run through. It's not my usual style of knitting, as it's really bare, but what the heck. I may even write up the pattern for it.
Here is the eyelet detail on the side, where it transitions from eyelets on the cups to eyelets round the back. And here is the decreases on the cup....Finally, you all remember my saying that I was working on the Adagio shawl from a Merging Colors kit? Well here it is. Finis.

Detail of the purple. Detail of the turquoise....

And that is all for now.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

How does my garden grow?

I have been very busy lately between work, class and the family. Sadly, the family is losing out in that equation, but I have provided negative feedback to the class, based on the instructor's caution to the class to conduct no business on the internet, because it's not safe.


Anyway, I slammed out my plan, and they will arrange for it to be reviewed by one or two consultants on staff with respect to the class, and I will no longer attend the class, as it is a patent waste of my time. Mind you, The Rock thinks that I should stick it out, because there might be something that I could learn from it. But then everyone else that I know wants to know why I am still in the class.

So the plan is almost complete, I have another couple of hours to put into it on sections that mostly just don't apply to my model, size and concept, and then it will be DONE....and I drop it off on Monday for them to review. Finito.

But meanwhile, my garden has been growing, I have completed a pair of socks and a shawl in the aforementioned timewaster. Thank God for sticks and string! And I thought that I would post some pics of the plants growing in my yard for all to see.

Here we have the pima cotton that grew in, this plant is about 7 weeks old. Something has been eating it as you can see, but there is no apparent insects, and we have very few rabbits and the like that might eat plants. Now you should know that commercial white cotton is kept that way by draconian genetic, insect, fertilizer and other controls, is one of the most expensive crops on earth in terms of the cost of water, to the environment and chemically. You can see why, no? This little plant is not so hardy, yes?

And here we have some brown cotton from seeds acquired clandestinely on the internet. This plant is a little more than 3-4 weeks old. Look how healthy it looks, more hardy, and it's brown cotton, so has the added bonus of being more natural than the other. Of course, it's in a pot about 6 feet from the pima, one would think that what's eatin the pima would be going for this, but no! Amazing how Mother Nature takes care of her own. As for the rest, not so much.
Radishes, that have not been thinned yet. The only person that eats radishes in my house, is The Rock. I throw some seeds in each year, just so he can have some spice in his life. Of course, he would much prefer the peppers, but I have not been so successful with those here.

Meet the peas....also in need of thinning. You can't see it in the photo, but just above the wood there is a chicken wire fence that the wee peas will climb up once they get big enough.
Beans, beans, the musical fruit..... What was I thinking? I have 3 pots of beans....and well they is going gangbusters.....also needing thinning.
Last year's calendulas are exploding. I need to strip the heads and brew me some sun tea to dye with. Maybe tomorrow.
Here is a mystery. I think I put linen seeds in the side bed, and they were last years' seed, did not get water for a bit, and well the bed is in bad condition. And I have this growing there....well actually the mint is coming back too, but this is my concern. This could maybe be flax, but I don't think so. I think it's a mysterious noxious weedy thing.

So bumble fee, if you see this and your flax is looking like this, do tell, aye?

If'n it is flax, it's not doing well, as the plant is laying down, not erect like one would expect of flax.
Here is the peach tree that volunteered in a strange place a few years ago. Do you know that this peach tree, which The Rock swore three ways from Sunday would never produce, threw on oodles of small sweet peaches that were well enjoyed by all? Last year was a bust due to leaf curl, but as you can see, looks to be a peach pie year, weather willing!
So that's the garden....

Now for something completely different. I have been going through my clothes to pull out the ones not getting any action, and in that lot was this vest that was too long for flattery, and too plain by far. Take a look at it now! That is shisha mirrors and some trim that I picked up somewhere. I still have a bit of sewing to do, but it's done with respect to the look....just finish work left.

First the detail. Oohs and ahhhs are appreciated, of course.

And the total look!
I also recycled some jeans into the yoke for a linen skirt, quick and easy. I did not take pics of that yet.

On the yarn front, I am wrapping up the adagio shawl from Candace Eisner Strick. I have to say though that the pattern has left me with alot of leftover yarn, which I hate.....I may knit it up into a scarf or something like that, just to use it up.

On the dyeing front, my yarns are up on the Ceallach Dyes storefront. Take a look and place your orders, because this yarn is going to disappear before you know it! There are still some yarns that need to be photographed and posted, but there is a lot to see right now.

Look forward to hearing from you