Thursday, November 15, 2007

Help! My yarn is regressing!

I have quite a bit of time on my hands, oddly enough, and so I have been cleaning and assessing, as well as working through the to do list.

A great deal of the todo list is related to the online store, getting it updated and cleaned up and generally spiffy, and that process is nigh complete. So wander over and take a look-see at the store, have a virtual squish and fun drooling over the yarn. And now through the end of the year, the shipping of all or our fabulous yarns and squishy spinning fiber is on us. So that address is:

And remember they are big skeins of yarn, so one or two skeins is all it takes to make a good sized project with Ceallach Dyes yarns.

Also on the list of Ceallach-do's was to generally clean up and get rid of the excess stuff in my life. I came across another sweater that I have now completely frogged for another project. I don't know what that project will grow up to be, but the possibilities, oh the possibilities.

So here is the yarn. I think it was Rimini something or other by Reynolds or some such. I knit into a boat neck sweater at the time, which travelled to Toronto and Niagara Falls with me on a business trip and back. Now it has completely regressed to itself.

I am thinking a very simple and quick shawl or wrap with this, because well it's bulky and boucle, and not good for much else. I originally knit it on broomsticks, plastic for the planes, and I think I might do a drop stitch garter thing instead. With fringe, maybe, for some ooomph.

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Batty said...

I hate yarn regression, but I think you're right. It would make a great shawl or scarf.