Saturday, April 25, 2009

From the mouth of Littlest

Those of you with kids know this to be true:  Kids say the darnedest things.  Well, we had one of those moments today.  

After picking up the kids from the local Pump It Up after a birthday party for one of Littlest 4yo friends, it became apparent that the mom in question created goody bags that were oriented by gender.  Littlest's goody bag contained several bracelets, but was sans the small lizard that was in Little Hill's bag....things escalated from there, culminating in Little Hill very graciously sharing his lizard with Sis.  We had, in the midst of this, been reassuring Littlest that she had plenty of various lizards, reptiles and dinosaurs in her prodigious collection of toys.  This led to the following exchange:

The Rock:  "Littlest, what do you call it when all the dinosaurs are gone and there aren't anymore?"

Littlest:  "Dead, Daddy."  The Rock had been looking for the word 'extinct'.

This of course sent us into giggles and hysterics, because well, Dead is true, too.  

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