Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's time to spin

I have not been spinning that much lately.  My poor wheels are like the latest additions to the sultan's harem, lazing around the hammam waiting to be called into service with the Sultan who is now old and unable to treat all his wives and concubines equally because there are just too many.  

An odd metaphor to be sure, but I have been reading a bit lately.  

But I digress.  I am still working on my article for the Green Non-Profits Handbook, which is due on Thursday at 3pm my time.   The deadline looms which is of course why I am doing everything but putting my head down and cranking it out.  I know naturally that distractions are part of my creative process, as is taskswapping between the task at hand and other things like message boards, browsing the interwebs, seeking out sweets, making tea, bread and cookies and any other number of things that are unrelated to the task at hand.    

Ergo, I blog.  

Today, I am thinking that it is time to start spinning again, since I have been on a kind of hiatus.  I have been mostly knitting, but am thinking that I should switch it up a bit.  I am also thinking that I should start taking the wheel to knitting group, since I can actually spin and talk without making mistakes.   That might actually also slim down the stash of wool as well.  

It's interesting, because my interests seem to ebb and flow between the various interests.  Does this happen for you as well?


Bezzie said...

Completely. I've found spring is my big spinning "season" as well. I've got an order of wool coming in the mail soon. Hee hee.

Suzyn said...

Totally happens to me. In crafts, in food (like, I have three boxes of oatmeal, because we were eating it every day for a while, and then I found it on sale, and then... I lost interest in oatmeal), in the blogs I follow...