Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Victory Garden

Since the Obama Victory Garden is all over the news right now, I thought I would post pics of my own.....But first pics of my flagstone garden....we planted wooly and lime thyme, ajuga, knotweed and sedum between the rocks....they have to grow a bit, but hey, we got thyme!  I also planted some California poppy seeds in the cracks in a couple of spots.  The goal is to have plants that will do okay without a lot of water, keep down the weeds and fill in the cracks.  
Here is some corsican mint and star creeper in the not so sunny spot.....can't wait until the mint is a bit stronger and takes over a bit so that we can smell it.  It's nummy when the leaves are crushed and the creeper has tiny white flowers.

So here is the bed with the new beans, eggplant and onion plants in, as well as some lettuce in between rows.  The corn that I have not yet put in is there in the foreground. 

Again, with the corn.  But down below there is the new strawberry bed.  We just dug out the ugly bare dirt this weekend and then built up that little wall of stones.  It looks so pretty like that, and if the strawberrries don't perform, well, we put something else there.   There is another stretch of dirt on the other side of the sidewalk that is where the corn will go.   It is well populated with poppies at the momnet, with a scattering and then one good clump....the one good clump will stay and I might try transplanting some of the others.   
And here is my peas, my sprouts, some early lettuce and some onions in between it all.  The sprouts already have itty bitty little sprouts on the stalks.  You can't see them but there are also some tomatoes in between the two stands of peas.  I am not sure that they will thrive in that exact spot, but they do like this bed in general.....and the little bit of shade from the fence may not be a bad thing as it heats up.

So are you also planting a garden this year to ease the grocery bill?


Anonymous said...

How lovely! I'm not planting much - throwing garlic into an empty flower pot to see what happens doesn't really count as "gardening" - but my mom has a gorgeous vegetable garden, and she's very generous with the produce. Plus, she doesn't kill plants as regularly as I do!

Bezzie said...

Cripes, I haven't even started my seeds yet! Probably won't until Tax Time. That's the deadline I use normally.

I'm going to plant my "Depression Garden" because it sounds more bi-partisan than an Obama Victory Garden. Ha ha!

Ceallach said...

No worries Bezzie, we have a long growing season here, but you might look at some of the cold crops, like peas, which apparently stop growing at 70 degrees.

Batty said...

We don't have a garden, but even if we did, I'd probably kill every plant around. I have the black thumb, it's awful.
Your garden is lovely. I promise not to go near it.