Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's quiet

It's Saturday in early spring, and the book is off for edits, the all clear was sounded on the day job, I am certified in my profession and there's not enough sun to dye, even if I had yarn to dye. We put some plants in this morning into the first bed in the yard already.  The girl-child is at a party, the husbeast took the boy-child off to do manly things somewhere else and I have the house blissfully to myself.   And it's quiet.  Very quiet, the type of quiet that pushes against you and whispers of quiet, pre-reproductive weekends where there were not childrens to farm out to achieve this kind of quiet.  

And I am enjoying it.  I'd be a fool not to.   Napping sounds good, but then I could not enjoy the quiet, since I would be asleep.  Ah for the days when I knew what to do with quiet time.  

But for now, a tour of the garden....

Sequoia Strawberries....I put in a dozen, all lined up in the new bed I put in last year.  

Red leaf lettuce, you know, to feed the puir hungry slugs. 

Brussel sprouts, for the manses who like to steam them and eat them dipped in balsamic vinegar.   Apparently, I may be planting them at the wrong time, but we shall see. 

Peas for the whole family.  They even have a jungley gym to climb, Lawd knows they wuz trying to climb out of their flat.

And my very woody Rosmarin which is in beautiful purple splendour....Sadly, Rosmarin may have to go, since she is just in the wrong place....not looking forward to pulling her out, since her trunk is about 4 inches in diameter.


Bezzie said...

Good grief it's crazy to even think about planting here!!! I'm sitting on my hands waiting til April when I'll start my seedlings! So jealous!

Left Coast Knitter said...

Yay spring! I am waiting for it to get warm enough to plant tomatos.... just a few more weeks!