Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Springing of Spring!

Bezzie, it's cold here, which means 40s, and very wet.  We have an exceptionally long growing season, and I do try to put in the plants in early spring for an earlier yield as well as to allow the plants to get those spring rains for a bit before the heat sets in.  They seem to do better.   Also I only put out the cold crops this weekend, the tomatoes need a bit more heat to thrive.  I am considering cutting terraces  for tomatoes on the hill, even if there are no stones to hold the wall, so to speak.

I forgot to mention that my daffodils are up and blooms are incipient!  When they do open, I will snap some pics and post them.  

I also have a bunch of lettuce that I started from seeds in December in my kitchen window, as well as a number of recent seed starts, including about 4 eggplant, 12 tomatoes, 6 cukes that are ready to break free of the seed starter, 12 sunflowers, and a tray of various flowers for Littlest's cutting garden, that I still need to find a home for.  

I am hoping that my seedlings do better than last year's seedling, and I will probably also find a place to put in some potted tomatoes from the nursery, since they will be further along than the seedlings in my window. 

I am determined to get some good harvest this year, but am not sure where to put all of it.   The plants, not the harvest.  I know what to do with the harvest....yummmm! 

For the record, many of my co-workers had the same horrified reactions when I mentioned the planting.  I think I am a wee bit early this year, but the weather has been unseasonably warm so I think it's appropriate.  

Oh yeah, I treated my restlessness and fatigue with a bit of Wyder's and some plum wine....made me feel better.....I am considering a proper bender today after the errands are done.


Left Coast Knitter said...

You are far more dedicated than I- tomatoes in a self watering planter are all I can manage (unless I dig up my landscaping in favor af a vegetable garden that will be watered by the sprinkler system)!

Bezzie said...

You're still making it hard to sit on my hands and wait til April. Well you and those pesky seed catalogues that keep coming in the mail!