Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Betwixt, between, discombulated and restless besides!

It's been two weeks now at home. My list is dwindling as we speak, it was a full page of people to see, things to do etcetera etcetera etcetera. I have cleaned out my pantry, cleaned out my closet, rearranged my living room, applied for jobs, applied for certifications, responded to certification audits, given my daughter a new bedroom, sold yarn, dyed yarn, spun yarn, knit yarn, finished Bertha and just generally puttered about. I have lunched, linked in, networked, contacted, created postcards, and written patterns. I have swatched, switched, washed, straightened, sneezed, coughed, tricked, treated and interviewed.

I have even gone to gawk at the Alhambra Creek Beaver Lodge and Dam. Real Lodge, Real Dam, no hide nor hair of said beavers, who are set to be relo'd anytime now, due to the perceived threat of flooding the entire downtown of My Town USA. I do mean flooding....think 12-18 inches of water rushing through the streets toward the river. Yeah.

And I must say, I am really quite tired. (Admittedly not in the way that Julia Roberts meant though in Erin Brockovich. Watch the movie and you will see what I mean. ) I also caught some kind of creeping crud, that is making me miserable....when I wake up I sound like Barry White, when I am usually a soprano, and by mid afternoon, I have a raging headachey achey everything.

I am done. Really done. Like retire to my bed done, and damn the torpedos.

Top it all off, I have two companies I am talking to, I know their timelines to fill positions, and so it's hurry and wait, but dang it, I hate waiting.

So anywho, just needed to vent a wee bit on the state of the things.

Thanks for stopping by. I am going to bed now.


Bezzie said...

Oof! Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!