Thursday, November 08, 2007

Call me Debby

Well no, not really, Ceallach is fine.

But you can call this yarn in process Debby, short for Debouillet....a variant of Merino originating in France. I mentioned that I had gotten the whole thing combed up and was looking forward to spinning it up. Yep, I have one bobbin full wound off, and another bobbin underway. I would have spun on til it was gone, but my wrists are bothering me a bit. I am overdue to see my crackin' chiropractor, and boy do I feel it right now.

Not to worry, Chris the Crackin' Chiro is hosting a food drive Saturday and you bring some canned food in to feed the poor, the hungry and the socially disenfranchised, and in return he cracks you up. Literally one bone at a time. Ah, the joys of holistic medicine!

Anyway, back to the fleece, I took a picture of the combed fiber deliciousness, and the first bobbin for you to drool over. Please don't drool on the fiber because it could felt if you give it a hot look, it's that fine.

Fluffy unspun goodness in a basket.

Fluffy spun goodness in a basket.

Oh, and to all of you thinking good thoughts for me yesterday when I was feeling, well, under the weather and under the gun, thanks so much! My head is clearing, and so are my sinuses. There is some movement on the money front, and I don't feel like I could crawl out of my skin and be the better for it anymore.

Now, if y'all could come on over and give me a kick in the pants to get some progress on the book done, please be my guest. I will even put on my shirt that says:

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