Monday, November 05, 2007

Holy Footman, Batman!

Some of you may remember that I bought a Canadian tilt-tension production spinning wheel back in June, which sat for a long time while I worked on the day job before I could polish it up and get it working.

I have since then gotten it working, which involved some repairs to the footman, breaking bolts on the tilt tension assembly and adding a gasket for grip on the Mother-of-all, as well as cleaning her up and doing a new drive band.

That was done well over a month ago, but I did not give her a spin, other than to do a treadle test drive and see that yup, all was working.

But I have this morning finished combing the trashy Debouillet fleece that I got on ebay and split with LeftCoastKnitter, subsequently threw extra leftover dye on. So now that it's all combed and gorgeous, I sat down at my little Canuck wheel to spin it.




It's sooooo nice. Yes the fleece is nice too, but the wheel is kick of the treadle spins the whorl forever, and the fleece just pours out of my fingers.

The Best Part?

It's coming out as somewhere between fingering and lace weight.

Usually I do something between DK and's my default yarn.

I shall post pics of the spun fleece for you lot to drool over once it's done, as well as a couple more little mini-shawls that have jumped off of my knitting needles.

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Batty said...

So glad you're having a dreamy wheel experience. Can't wait to see the incredibly thin and delicate results!