Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thanks for the help!

So my last post was written when I was feeling extremely overwhelmed by life in general, which I think can happen to most of us at some time or another.

Bezzie and Batty, thanks ever so much for your suggestions, which were excellent. I did make a list of the things hanging over my head and started out to knock some of it off of my list.

The contract is off to where it needs to go, and I spent a few evenings doing nothing....watching lots of stupid TV and just generally imitating the vegetable of your choosing.

I also spent a bit of time knitting on a long languishing project, which shall be posted once completed. If you are feeling bored, the project was the Bosphorus socks from forever ago and is somewhere in the archives of CeallachKnits. I am halfway through the second sock now, just need to throw some waste yarn in to mark the heel and one more repeat of the medallion.

I also cleaned up the sewing room, put away the clothese that were piled everywhere in the bedroom, took some long baths, and you know, I am feeling better.

The last thing that I did was provide some feedback to my boss at work that I was overwhelmed and overallocated against the work. (This week was a 60 hour week) So bossy man is trying to spread things around a bit.

But I have to say, I have someone that I work with and had asked to help me with one task that I needed to do, and he gave me this Oh, I can't do that....blah blah blah....turns out he could do it, he just has visions of being an 'idea man', and that saved me some time on the number of tasks completed Friday. But dayum, the fit I had to pitch with this guy was really insane.....

And if one more person tells me that this is the way it is at a small company, I am gonna smack them. EVERY company has resource problems, whether there are 200 employees or 200,000....but working people to death is never okay. Sorry, I said it. It does not help that if I had worked this hard at the old company, I could have expected compensation in return. This new company has no bonus program, and so the incentive is just not there for me.

Edited: One fleece is washed from Black Sheep Gathering now, a silver Romney lamb fleece. I love how fleeces change from sticky dirty messes of fiber into something that you just want to roll around in.... And, the article I am writing for a collection is just edited and sent on again. It is become two articles, and I can say no more. Scratch off two things from my list. Now I can go and do something fun, like cast on the pink and purple Koigu for Littlest's sweater. Or the blue cahsmere silk, or the peach wool and cotton for her....OH, MY! Perhaps I best just finish up the Bosphorus socks, shall I?


Bezzie said...

Yeah you're right. Small or big companies have problems. That's a lame catch all excuse.

And "idea" man. Yeah that sounds pretty cushy. No wonder that's what he wants!

HoJo said...

Hey there:

It's not small company, its new company. The new philosphy is that you're not going to stay anyway so get as much as they can out of you before you ditch them. You see very little in the way of "extras" these days at any company.

Ceallach said...

Hojo, yeah, I am familiar with that philosophy, but the company is not so new, they've been round for 10 years, so that is not the issue. It's really a philosophy issue at this point.