Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Water Theater and our Planet

I think that this is spectacular....an open air theater that doubles as a desalinization plant. It's also looks stunning. When I see things like this and the Solar Power Tower on the same link that will remove something like the equivalent of 90,000 cars worth of CO2, I think that there is hope after all for our planet and us.

Hope for what? you ask.

There are two things that I see happening in the not so far future:

One is the total exhaustion of fossil fuels, or the exhaustion of easily accessible fossil fuels, increasing the need for quick implementation of alternative fuel sources. But the reality is that there will not be time, and people will die, because there will not be energy for them in areas that are extremely cold or extremely hot.

The second is the growing pollution and possibly exhaustion of fresh water for drinking as the population of the planet grows. And so the desalinization of sea water becomes more important than ever. Especially if you assume that the oceans will rise as a result of global warming, which will only exacerbate the problem as seawater encroaches on what is today freshwater basins.

These two projects will address those problems.

Yes, the world is a-changing....and I have said it before, that whole colonization of other planets just ain't working out so well.

Imagine a world where everything was this attractive and useful. It would be a stunning testament to human ingenuity and wisdom.

Also, on the way to the dentist last week, I was looking at the wind farm that we have out by the water of the Sacramento River Delta, and thinking about the people who fight so hard against the wind farms as ugly or as tarnishing the landscape. Now for the record, I have always liked the wind turbines, as they always evoke an image of a ballet dancer slowly turning in the sky. But there are folks out there that think they are ugly.

But I ask you, what is really more ugly?

A wind farm of white wind turbines all turning at about the same pace on the horizon or a oil refinery?

A wind farm or the dirty horizon where the smog from thousands of cars and manufacturing plants hangs?

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