Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A tribute to Jim Henson

Here is my latest tribute to Jim Henson. I believe that I have now exhausted anything resembling a Muppet from the stash.

The best part is that this yarn was 10 Balls of cheap crappy yarn from Target at a dollar a ball. I had been thinking that it would be something that I could knit into a sweater for Littlest. But it turns out that it knits into a substantial scarf if you knit all 10 balls at the same time, and is over quickly.

Which is a very good thing for this stuff since I have been looking at it for some time and wondering What was I thinking?

Littlest once again snagged this from the needles, with me following her around the house trying to bind it off so that it did not become a snarled mess that would have to be trashed. Again, what was I thinking? I could have trashed it.

Here is one of the dresses that I recently sewed up. It's a lovely linen with embroidery in the leaves pattern, sprigged with lady bugs....

The Rock thinks that my daughter will run screaming from me when she sees all the buggees on Mama....she was traumatized as a small child by DS who told her there was a bug on her.....she shrieked and has not been the same since.....every speck on the ground is a buggee, accompanied by tense neck muscles and her trying to claw her way up my legs to get away from the declared buggee. Here is a fuzzy detail of said Buggees.


Bezzie said...

Aw, now that's not the worst muppet fug I've seen. And littlest digs it...so it wasn't a waste of time or money.

LOVE the lady buggee dress. I'm a big ladybug devotee.

POPT said...

Lovely dress!

Batty said...

The dress is beautiful. As long as nobody says buggee, she should be fine. And if anyone does... well, you can always smack them upside the head!