Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sewing Room, Sweet Sewing Room!

So I have today put up a shelf in my sewing room for the knitting machine to be out on. And since I have done some other changes, it seems a good time to photog the whole room to share with you all.

Here is the shelf for the Bond USM.

Here is a tower of bins that I use to store some of the Ceallach Dyes inventory....

The serger and sewing machine, with the table top constructed of cubes and a melamine shelf. It could be more stable if I put a ledger strip up on the wall, but it's not been necessary with the weight of the sewing machines in the front. Note that the backs of the chairs are covered with fabric and projects in various states.

Here is the broad view from the door, note the bookshelf. That was the newest thing to help with the stash all over the floor. I sure would like some more slide in bins for the yarn etc. But it can wait. Again, you can see the Bond under the window.

Cami Report: The cami is done, but I put a crocheted border on the hem which did not do it for me or my husbeast. It's been ripped out, dumaflotchies located and sewn on, and the replacement Van Dyke border is underway. Can I just say that the Van Dyke border is going along nicely. I am finding that I don't have to pay attention to the chart very much as it has nice landmarks that allow me to chug along in increase or decrease pattern until those landmarks are reached. I am quite liking it and think it will generally broaden my repertoire.

That's all for now.

Coming soon....a Tribute to Jim Henson and pictures of the completed cami.

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Batty said...

Lovely space! I think I need a sewing room like that.