Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cami Soul!

The Camisole is finis! And here is the digital photogrphic proof.

Note the ribbon detail, the decreases along the underside of the bust and the Van Dyke lace along the hem. I have yet to block the camisole, but it does look lovely on the dress form.

(Note, the Rock wants me very much to model it for him. I told him that I would when I have the matching panties done....which may or may not get done.) Here is the backside, which is a bit more revealing. I don't know that I will be able to wear out of the house, as I would not wear it without a bra, and I am not sure that I could find one that would not show. But isn't it lovely. My plan is to write the pattern and knit another in a similar vein with Ceallach Dyes yarn for distribution with yarn purchases.
Here is a second finished object from stash, which has trimmed the stash down by 11 skeins of yarn. That is right. 11 skeins of more WhatWasIThinking yarn. But it knit up into a nice shawl with tassels that Little Hill used to torment Littlest for most of the morning, by having it over his shoulders and spread wide into wings.


Batty said...

Wow, I bet the Rock wants to see that modeled! I recently found out that Frederick's of Hollywood has a large selection of 32D bras, and as I was browsing around the store, I also saw two things -- depending on your cup size, you could wear the camisole outside with flesh-colored pasties under it. And then there are those things that look like bra half cups and you stick them to your skin somehow... I have no idea how they work, but the camisole made me remember them.

Anyhow, it's really pretty, and I may have to make one too. Very romantic and sexy knit.

cpurl17 said...

Sexy little cami! and lovely shawl! wear those around and maybe well have another littlest!

Ceallach said...

Thanks you guys.....

Batty, I am actually planning to fuse some interfacing into the cups for body and privacy.

Cpurl.....girl, why do you think I am avoiding modelling it? After all, what on earth would I call Littlest then? Middlest??