Saturday, June 09, 2007

Feeling lucky!

I am feeling the luck of the Irish right now....I have had some news at the office, which I can't speak to for various reasons, but it's a good thing.

And I just finished spinning this Merino Tencel. It was actually 2 color ways, one in the colors of saffron in India, and the other with orange yellow and green shading one to the other....I have plied them together for a very pretty and shiny 2 ply yarn. I have about 500 yds to 8 ounces, as I spun worsted, and it's quite dense. I am not sure what to make of it, maybe a summer tank or a much as many knitters dislike the humble poncho, I love it. It is easy to wear, it can take many forms, dress down or up, really how can you go wrong.

And for all that the knitting fashion police would have us think it's out of vogue, the poncho is one of those garments that has not been out of vogue in thousands of years.

They just say that because they want our money, at least that's what I tell my son when commercials are on. One is always safe with the truth....

Little Hill took a field trip to the zoo yesterday with the school, and he took some photos with the digital camera. Here is a small photo tour of the SF zoo for you:

In addition, to the photos, Little Hill brought me a gift of a peacock plume.....I plan to use the feathers in a fiber project in the near future. I will show y'all pics of that when the time comes.


Batty said...

Lovely yarn! It's beautiful and so even, I am in awe.

Elspeth said...

Hey, we were at the zoo yesterday - it looked very similar! Got to love those peacocks.

Ceallach said...


It just looks even. It's actually ever so slightly thick and thin which makes it more interesting and is the mark of the hand, which I always think is important in handmade goods.