Monday, June 18, 2007

T-3 Posts

So according to Blogger, and one would think they would know, I am 3 posts away from my bicentennial!

YAY for the bicentennial.

This calls for a contest, upon which I shall cogitate.

In the meantime, I am considering driving up to Eugene for the Black Sheep Gathering in a whirlwind trip with the kiddies to camp on the fairgrounds.....out of sheer boredom with the Incredible Sameness of Dun Growed Up Life. Of course, this means throwing the kiddies, and stuff in the car, including a tent, food, chilluns with paraphernalia, prolly a grill, and what not, and driving 8 hours to Eugene, prolly by myself, since The Rock has 1 bazillion three hundred googleplex reasons NOT to call in sick to shit job and go with me on a spontaneous trip. Oh, yeah, and there's the 8 hours back as well.

So I am on the fence, vote now for whether I should do this crazy venture, or not.

(This after cancelling my hotel res on Saturday at the Eugene Hilton.)


OLPP said...

Go to Eugene!

I've missed you!

Batty said...

Eh, Hilton, Schmilton. Camping with the kids should make them very, very happy, and the presence of yarn and such should make you very, very happy.

Be spontaneous, live on the wild side!

OLPP said...

I wanted to tel you, too, that I have your Deadly Nightshade in my Ravelry stash! Hooray!! Shameless plugs!

POPT said...

You are a braver soul than me. Just the thought of doing that gives me the shivers. It's the 8-hour drive that ruins it for me. Why not go camping someplace local? Of course, there wouldn't be the festival. . .