Sunday, January 07, 2007

Practice Gratitude

Some of you read my resolutions, and then some of those also read the whole post on resolutions, I know because I got some lovely comments about dignity and esteem (#10).

Anyway, I have been thinking about that alot. With the new year came a new sense of energy and joie d'vivre. I am not sure if that is leaving behind the old ratty year, or the weather or the end of the Hollydays. Who knows, who care?

In the course of my ruminations, I remembered my daughter's birth, where I practiced gratitude. This may seem like a small thing, but it has greatly enhanced my sppreciation for that day and my hospital stay, in sharp contrast to my son's birth.

For the next 30 days, I will practise gratitude. 30 days, because it takes that much time to form a habit. My hope is that it will create a new sense of hope and optimism in my life.

What does that mean, you may ask?

It means that every day I will find one thing, however small and humble to be grateful for. But the wisest of us know that sometimes the small and humble things are the most precious of all.

If anyone wants to join me in practising gratitude, let me know, and I will create a button and whatever else seems appropriate.


I am grateful for a beautiful planet to live on with dirt, flowers, water, animals, fruit, mountains and a wonderful atmosphere. Today, I am grateful for quiet time spent outside enjoying the planet, the atmosphere, digging in the dirt, eating tangerines right off the tree, and seeing my daughter finally remember one of the cats names and speak it with confidence and clarity. I am grateful for finding a way for my son to help me dig in the dirt in a productive way.


Janet said...

Check this out.

Knitter 56 said...

Excellent idea. Count me in.


SuzannaBanana said...

This is a beautiful idea. I'm with you.