Monday, January 08, 2007

Gratitude Day 2

Yay to Jeannie for joining me in Gratitude.

And thanks Janet for the link to Go Gratitude I did watch the flash video, which was cool, and signed up for the thingee.

Today I am grateful for completing a couple of items that have been sitting on my desk at work for awhile now. I am hoping that it is the beginnings of positive change in the workplace for me.

In knitting, this weekend I started to do something with an impulse purchase of 4 skeins of Caron Felt It in Neon, all pinks and oranges. I had wanted to make a bag or slippers or some other vague notion at the Point of Sale, none of which were really working for me. And so I took all four skeins and knit them together into 2 potholders. Yarn Away! They await felting until I can complete the bag I am knitting with the Soy Wool Stripes that I got in Natural Orange. I am knitting it on size 10.5 needles with one strand, which is not my usual approach to felting, but it seemed appropriate at the time. I am 2 balls down, 2 to go. Hopefully I can complete the knitting on it tonight, and then felt it all up tonight as well.

Also sitting out in imminent projectdom is a selection of yarns in different fibers and weights that I have accumulated. Most of them were oddballs from Artfibers that I bought in cream on clearance and then subsequently dyed all one color, with the idea to knit a vest. The vest idea is soooo out. Instead, the thought of knitting a feather and fan shawl on really big needles is appealing. With the weight of the yarn, it should make a large lacey shawl. I am hoping to cast on for that tonight if all goes well, but may in fact be a bit ambitious.

Finally, the knitting machine is back out, and I have an idea for the Yarn Formerly Known as Icarus. If it works out, I will post a pattern for it, just for kicks.


Knitter 56 said...

In cleaning out a drawer of old magazines, I found 3 issues of Spin-Off: Summer 2000, Winter 2000, and Fall 2001. I will bring them to Borders on Wed night if you would like to have them.

Kathy said...

Wait, what? You made, and then unmade, an Icarus?

I'm grateful to know you. You calm me down when I start to spazz out about people exercising their right to live their life as they see fit. "People" and "they" here refer to my sister.