Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gratitude Day 3-5

Ooops, I missed 3-5 because I have been sick.

So here goes:

Gratitude 3:

I am grateful for Caramel Apple Cider. (I had trouble on this day, but was thinking about gratitude through the day. Already I can see changes in the way that I see things.)

Gratitude 4:

I am grateful that I am not too sick to knit. Otherwise I would not have been able to complete my SWS bag and felt it today. I am also grateful that I live in modern times where women have actual roles in the world that extend past the uterus.

Gratitude 5:

I am grateful that I just had to say hello on the phone today when calling in sick. My boss could tell that I was not really any better, despite being home yesterday. Beyond that, well, the day is still young.


Bezzie said...

Caramel Apple Cider? I'm grateful that you have enlightened me on such a thing existing!

Batty said...

Caramel apple cider? Where can I get some? Who makes it?

cpurl17 said...

I'm grateful to FINALLY be home from a loooong day at work and in my sweats reading fab blogs!!