Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Feathers, Fans, and Bags, OH MY!

Here are photos of the shawl and the messenger bag as promised.

The shawl, which I estimate used about 10 balls of yarn that I had around. It was many more than that, but I used a lot of small amounts up completely, including handspun, some sequins, some luxury, some samples from classes, well you get the idea. To give you an idea of the size, I am about 5 foot 8 inches, this shawl is nigh onto 8 feet long.

It was knit on size 19 needles, and I stranded several yarns together throughout; 4-6 yarns depending on wieght, both of the fiber and visual weight.

Here is the messenger bag, made with 4 balls of Soy Wool Stripes by Patons.

And here is the pattern for the messenger bag, in case anyone wants to duplicate it. I have not put fasteners onto the flap yet, as there's been alot going on, but am planning on the magnetic fasteners, one on each corner, and then some cool buttons to go with.

Messenger Bag


4 balls of SWS in Natural Green

Gauge: 3 st/in, 4.5 rows/inch

10.5 dpns and 24" circs

I Cord for handles: CO 5 st on size 10.5 US dpn needles. Push needle through so working yarn is at left end, K5. Lather rinse and repeat to 9 feet of handle.


Co 41 st with cast on method of choice, I used Long tail.

Knit in garter stitch until piece measures 5" or 19 garter ridges.

Pick up 18st on each side and 41 st on cast on edge. (pm) Begin to knit in the round and continue in the round for 14" ending at a right corner of the bag, the side is not material to success of the bag.

Knit 41 stitches, and bind off 77 stitches. This leaves 41 live stitches for the flap.

Knit in garter stitch for 9" or 25 garter rows. Bind off flap and weave in ends.

Seal both the bag and the Icord into a pillow case and throw the whole kit and kaboodle into the washing machine for fulling.

Lather, agitate and repeat, checking periodically to ensure that you messenger bag has not become a wallet. When happy with the results, rinse the bag and block it over a box of the appropriate size. Once dry, use a DPN to poke two holes in each side of the bag. Thread ICord through from inside hole to outside and through the other hole. (the Icord will come out of the bag, not out a hole from the side of the bag) Do similar treatment with Icord on other side of bag, first tying a simple knot around the top of the handle that will slip over the other handle section. However, on other side, put both ends through and tie a simple square knot on outside of bag.

Now solicit cool packages to put in your messenger bag and ride your bicycle crazy round the city or countryside!


OldLadyPenPal said...

And the shawl ain't that bad, either!


I love your messenger bag. Isn't SWS fun? I loved making some FFs with it!


Bezzie said...

Oh wow! That shawl is amazing! I was expecting something a lot more hodge-podgey looking. You look like you're about fly off!

Batty said...

Beautiful! Both the shawl and the bag.

Fee said...

So preettty!!


Zanne said...

Oooh! Pretty pretties! And it's made with not-horribly-expensive yarn, too. I may try that messenger bag at some point.