Monday, January 22, 2007

A whole passel of gratitude

What with being laid off, I have been somewhat remiss in posting what I needed. So here is catchup.


I am grateful for the folk that I have worked with that are reminding that I have transferable skills and am a confident and agressive person that would be an asset anywhere. I am grateful that I am not sick as one colleague thought when I told him that I was leaving and not coming back (poor guy had just heard another associate has early stage breast cancer and made some assumptions about what was happening with me.)


I am grateful that I never have to return to a place that turns my stomach in knots and makes me shake when I think about going there. But I am also grateful for the wonderful things that place afforded me like my family, my home, and some great experience. I am


I am grateful for my charming little girl who clearly loves me no less, and perhaps just a wee bit more, for being laid off from my job.


I am grateful for the family and friends who have been steadily reminding of what is the most important thing in life, and also reminding me that looking for a job and interviews can be fun.


I continue to be grateful for feedback that I receive from friends and acquaintances both online and offline on the person that I am or am perceived to be. I am also grateful for my yarn, fabric and fiber stash, which will allow me to spin, knit and sew much of what I need for clothes in the near future. For those of you who have foregone stashing this year, don't forget to lay aside something for those rainy days.

I have some FOs to post pics of as well as a pattern for a knitted messenger bag. Maybe tomorrow.

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OldLadyPenPal said...

Ok, right now I have a picture in my head of me hugging you.