Thursday, January 25, 2007

Suzanna Banana!

Yay, Suzanna Banana came to knitting last night.....I am so glad that she came, as I told her last night, but it bears repeating. I have met another knitty head!

For those of you who read her blog, she is just like the way she writes, absolutely charming and very pretty. She wore Tubey in a cashmere yarn, which now has me thinking to knit Tubey.

Can I say how grateful I am yet again that I was one of the first to be laid off? (yesty's gratitude) I have been told some things that have emphasized this even more.

Today's gratitude is being able to go to the Y with the Rock to soak in the hot tub, as well as having lunch with *LeftCoastKnitter, who I also call Busy Graphic Girl, because she is a very busy graphic designer.....take a look at some of her stuff.....

I also want to say that I have met a couple of folks through the internet now, and mostly they have been fabulous people that I have had a lot in common with.....Yay for the Interweb!


Batty said...

Yay for meeting knittyheads! It's the most amazing thing, they are all such nice, fun people. Yay!

Bezzie said...

Woo! Suzana Banana! How cool!!!

And congrats on being the first rat off the sinking ship! (those are they lucky ones who actually get sev. packages a lot of times!)