Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hooky Friday!

Tomorrow is Friday!

Tomorrow is the day that we decided to play hooky, so that we can go to this.....Monet in Normandy

Little Hill is not going to school, and I am not going to work, so that we can go see MONET (insert ooh, ahhhs and ohhs here), wherein we will pack everyone in the van, probably after a good brekkie, and drive to the city to the museum and possibly have lunch at the Crab House on Pier 39.

I mean, it's Monet!

And now for the obligatory knitting content....I cast on again for the corset top last night, and got the first row done correctly....and the shrug sleeve has been increased to 81 stitches of a necessary 100. Aren't you happy for me??

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Left Coast Knitter said...

Oooh, the rest of my family just saw that on Sunday and said it was great! I, on the other hand was slaving.