Friday, August 11, 2006



Here it is! The ends are all woven in, the armpits grafted, the tie done. There is absolutely nothing else to be done on this sweater, unless I block it, which seems rather pointless since it is mainly nylon. In fact, I feel a bit like Eliza Doolittle ready to burst into song about how I could have knit all night......wouldn't that be loverly???

Oohs and Ahhs are welcome!

I have some photos that I want to post....First the photos from Lambtown. First I have to say that I was not trying real hard to photog the show, and once I walked into the hall with the fiber vendors, I completely forgot about taking pics. Oh, and because I know that someone will ask, I am not sure of the breed of these sheep, but they are commercial or market sheep.

However, I do have a couple of nice photos of the shearing contest and Janet in front of an incroyable kite.

And finally, some may know that I am in the Dyer's Garden Along, but had some ...erm...delays in getting the garden in, as well as my herbicidal husband who killed most of my seedlings while I was in London in May. That said, the garden is going, and I did harvest some dyestuff from the garden recently and then freeze them.

From top left counterclockwise are: Amaranth, marigold, zinnia, coreopsis, and peeking out are some zucchini that are just going gangbusters so far.

Isn't the amaranth spectacular....notice that the new growth on the leaf is scarlet, and it darkens to a deep burgundy at the leaf tips.


Janet said...

Now, girl, you know that there will be paybacks for you posting a picture of me on your blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi secret pal. Sorry I've been a little remiss in my communication. I have a package almost ready to be mailed -- just a few final items to be added and it will be on its way!