Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sweater is finished!

Smania is complete

The sweater is done! Yeah! (I do have to sew in the ends and graft the armpits, but that is finishwork, not knitting, so the sweater is done.)

I decided to do a series of eyelets along the neck and run a you can see....the cord is crocheted and I will add a couple of beads to it, when I find the right ones.

The Next Sweater

So the next question is....what do I knit next? So to help my favorite readers, I am posting three photos of piles of yarn along with descriptions of what I think I might knit with them. I need thoughts and even votes on which project to start.

Here we have Noro Airisu.....a cotton/rayon/silk blend that I would knit a cardi out of....with openwork sleeves, like a mesh pattern and possibly an openwork hem.

Here we have Prism in Ischia, which I would knit a simple shell out of, possibly again with the openwork.

And finally, Giotto in color fresco, I don't know what I want to do with this....there are 5-6 skeins. Cast your vote now for the next project.


trek said...

Nice job - now if I would just get my act together and start Neatnik's sweater before she grows too big to fit the size for which I have enough wool...

cpurl17 said...

cute sweater!! Hmmm...I want to vote for the Giotto to see what you'll come up with!