Friday, May 12, 2006

This day has come unknit.

It is amazing how tired a good night's sleep makes you when you have not had one in a long time.

DH took the baby last night and I fell into bed exhausted at about 10, which is REALLY early for me these days, and did not wake up til the far side of 6 am, making it 8 straight hours with no programming breaks!


Almost I feel like I can do anything. Well except for the fact that I am really tired.

Annie is showing the following:

Okay, no I am not putting that on my blog, sorry, it is too much fug. Picture a wrap in red white and blue stripes. Bleeccchhhhh! I do have to admit that the dark blue ribbon it's tied with is kind of nice though- in the interest of finding something nice to say about it.

Not even the calendar is nice today with an extremely basic hat.

It is just an Unknit day.

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