Monday, May 15, 2006

Knitting Slump Alert! Alert! Alert!

I think I am in a knitting slump. But this one is different. This is I have a number of projects that are cool, and I am working on, but I don't want to knit.

Okay, so maybe not so different from the previous knitting slumps.

It could also be my projects. None are mindless knitting which I really enjoy. The two big ones are kind of along the same lines, with multiple balls of yarn.

The first one is the Colinette Shawl, which involves switching yarns every two rows (yes, I am carrying) between the Prism and the Giotto. Lots of switching going on, which admittedly is not so easy when my little girl who apparently is an aspiring knitter is grabbing the ball and running away, only to find that she is wrapped up in it somehow even though she has had her hands on it for less than 3 seconds. Yes, toddlers can tangle themselves in your yarn in less than 3 seconds. Then I spend 10 minutes trying to get my ball back not to mention trying to untangle my now-shrieking child from the yarn.

And invariably, this is the moment that my son has deemed propititious for asking for something like a Batman Suit, which does not actually exist in the world making it really difficult to satisfy the request before he collapses into a pile of little boy goo at the injustice of it all.

No, really, I can't imagine why I am not knitting that much.

And the second project, wherein we simultaneously knit 5 balls of Sugar and Cream into a much needed bath mat, presents similar issues, but the biggest one is that taking one stitch involves large arm movements while ensuring that all 5 of the strands are being worked as one, which is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. As challenging as that is, the resulting fabric is quite spongy and cool, and would be GREAT for all those household rug needs such as the kitchen, the bathroom, but especially in the hallway in front of the door. It is cheaper than a house alarm but would foil any robber as he stepped onto that rug which would then slip out from under him, smacking his head on the door jamb, for which he would sue me.

Maybe I will look into that house alarm.

Today's knitting calendar shows a Diagonal V-Neck Shell, done in Cool Stuff by Prism. The good news is that it requires only 2.5 full skeins, putting the cost at about 200 dollars a shell. Sorry, I prefer not to sell my children into slavery in order to knit. I know, you're wondering where I get these crazy ideas, since we all know what children are worth these days. Think of the yarn you could buy, you are thinking, and without the kids around you could knit more.

Yes you are right. The moral high road sucks.

I guess I shall console myself with Annie's Feline Monitor Perch. After all, who doesn't want their cats looking down on them from the top of the monitor.

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