Thursday, May 11, 2006

Beat me baby!

I am beat. Tired. Fatiguee. Regardless of the word you use, I am beat.

I am still trying to get over jet lag, and back on the time zone, as well as dealing with DD who for some reason is waking several times during the night crying but will settle with milkee. DH thinks that it is just she wants to be held, I am not sure that is it. She also has had congestion for about a week and a half, which is worrying me a bit. Maybe I should call the doctor and make an appointment.

Last night I started my triangle Giotto and Prism shawl. I don't have a picture, but basically cast on 8 st, and doing 4 yo in every row, 2 in the middle and 2 at the ends of the row. Then every two rows, I am changing yarns, so that there is 2 rows of Prism, then two rows of Giotto. I was going to post pics of the yarn, but cannot find the color on the internet so it will have to wait until I can take a pic at home.

While going through my digital photos, I stumbled across this one. That is a small school bus with a second story and balcony off the back built of wood. The picture is a bit fuzzy because I was driving at the time, but you get the idea. Who drives something like this?

I am also continuing with the gauntlets. I am now on the ribbing for the second gauntlet, which I will continue for some time, and then start to increase for the thumb which will be inserted as an afterthought. For those of you having a hard time picturing it, here it is!

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, those needles are 12" Addi Turbos which are just the right size for this kind of project, although they do need to be broken in a bit, and you will not hold the needle with your hand, but just your fingers. A bit of a change to get used to, but no fussing with dpns and the needles don't come out of the stitches either.

Today's Calendar Moment

Today we are looking at the Asymmetrical Lace Poncho, which is pretty much a rectangle sewn partially together on one side. Pretty standard poncho, but it is knit is Interlacements Carolina which is pretty, with a very open mesh stitch pattern. I don't care for this style of poncho all that much, as I find that the fit is some what lacking in the shoulder.

Annie is showing this today, which appeals for some reason, although I can not put my finger on it. Maybe it is the advent of summer here that is making a bag appeal. Did I mention that it comes with various other cases, like a PDA case, phone case, water bottle holder, etcetera, etcetera.

On second thought, perhaps it is the svelte silhouette of the model behind the bag that I want.....

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