Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I have startitis. AkamaiKnitter calls it this, and she is so right!
Yesterday while reading KR, just minding my own business, I read the Folk Shawls thread. So of course I went home and dragged my copy out to browse, and now I want to start a bunch of shawls. This browsing you should realize occurred between crying bouts of DD who just wants to nurse right now, as if she will catch up on 8 days of milkee in an evening. I, recovering from jet lag as I am, just want to sleep in the evening, although this morning I did actually sleep until about 4:30, approximately an hour later than yesterday. At this rate, I should be back on track by Sunday.

So naturally, while dealing with this, I want to dig out some stash yarn and knit a shawl. Doesn't everyone?

Anyway I am still working on the London Report, to be closely followed by the Yarn Report. LeftCoastKnitter is waiting with bated breath while animating a measuring tape to see what her surprise yarn is!

Today's Calendar entry is the Summer Net Chanel Jacket of Crystal Palace Yarns. While I don't care for the color (some of you know my penchant to run the other way from anything remotely pink), it is kind of cute, although I am not sure I would do the Fling border....or if I did, I would go all the way around the hem at the bottom.

Today, Annie is showing this lovely button. Now, I don't much go in for crocheted buttons, but this photo struck me with its simplicity, and made me look. I might consider this button.


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Opal said...

Of course you must knit a shawl. Why else would you ever learn how to knit? ;-)

I definitely wouldn't add that border to the chanel jacket. It's a cute pattern though.