Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hot! Hot! Hot!

For the record, my car says it's 97 degrees Fahrenheit here.

No, my car does not speak to me, and neither do I hear's that little temp thingee on the dash that reads 97.

Two weeks ago, it was rainy and cold, like Winter. Now we have been jettisoned straight into summer, at least it feels thus since I was in the UK, and being in a furrin' country always throws things off for me.

Not a lot happening on the knitting front, mostly just stitching along on my silly gauntlet, and more decisively lusting after Folk Shawls.

Alright, let's talk about shawls. These are the ones that I like:

  • Litla Dimun and Stora Dimun
  • The Irish Shawls, particularly the Diamond Shawl
  • Heartland Shawl
  • I have knit the Prairie shawl before and it just gets better. I actually have some Giotto and Prism in Peaches and Cream that I plan to make into one of these, but alternating the two yarns. Of course in two Colinette yarns, it does not look very frontier at all!
  • I love the Icelandics, but not in the yarns shown.
  • The Wool Peddler's Shawl
  • The Highland Triangle is also lovely.
  • The Butterfly Shawl is nice too. I would love to knit this one for my mother who loves anything Native American, and the story would be a good one for her as well. I think that she is actually a reincarnated Native American.

Jeesh! I had better get knitting, hmmm?

I am actually thinking of making one of the Dimun shawls first since they are pretty plain, and should be a good entrez into the world of lace. Anyway that is the big thought today.

On the calendar today is the Pyramids and Triangles Placemats. They are knit in a cotton yarn, the pattern is nice, but I would prefer it in a sweater.

Annie's Attic has a rather blase baby blanket today, but the free pattern maniac posted this on KR today, and I just love it! DD needs to grow really fast so that I can knit it for her! I suppose that I could possibly resize it, but then I would be serious, and I am only ever serious on Tuesdays. Since it is most definitely not Tuesday, I am afraid I cannot be serious today.

Oh! a few other thoughts. I called DH after looking up the California Shakespeare Festival and suggested that we do this this year. HE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE GREAT. The plays in the series are As You Like It, the Merry Wives of Windsor, Restoration Comedy and the Merchant of Venice. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, they have a tasting before the show, where local restaurants bring in food for tasting FREE! And since I can only ever be serious on Tuesdays, and since Shakespeare is quite serious, we plan to get tickets for Tuesdays!

I went swimming at lunch today! Yes, hard to believe I know, but nevertheless I did peel myself away from you, dear reader, long enough to get a few laps in. It felt really good, even if the water was cold. And I signed the child-units up for lessons, so that they too can learn to survive in the water! The little one is an Inia, and the big one a Polliwog in the YMCA swim lingo!

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AuntyNin said...

Merry Wives of Windsor is one of my all-time favorites! Lucky, lucky you to be able to see it done live.