Saturday, May 06, 2006

A spaceship landed in London

Yep, really. And I was there, well not for the landing, but you get the idea.,,1767662,00.html

This morning when I went by, they were starting to take it out. They actually tore up the street to create real rubble and there was a Steel I beam structure underneath it to hold it at the angle that you see in this article.

Boy I had fun with this. I mentioned it casually at the office Friday to two gentlemen that I work with. One's jaw dropped, the other did not bat an eyelash. When I asked why, he said that he knows me well enough already to know that I don't come out with these things lightly and that there is usually something behind it. Hmmmm....not sure I like being stereotyped quite that way.

So I definitely got some mileage with my colleagues with an event in their city for Pete's sake.

A big round of applause for AuntyNin who guessed the country, theater and the rest correctly. Okay, really she was the first poster, LeftCoastKnitter was being cheeky, and Janet was focussed on the yarn.....Good guess!

I am putting together a comprehensive post of the week's events, sans the business synopsis, assuming that you don't really want to hear it, which I plan to work on on the plane a bit, and then will have to edit with photos. Until then I will keep you in suspense as to which of the Bard's universal tales I enjoyed!

Yarn Report at 11. I don't know which day yet!


Janet said...

I hope you're home soon. I'm at the instep of my sock and don't know what to do next.

AuntyNin said...

Not such a difficult guess, as you gave good clues. Then again, it could be because my head spends a lot of time in the year 1585.