Friday, May 05, 2006


Hey there, just a quick note to reassure everyone that I am still alive, but in a foreign country.

Hint: They don't always pronounce their H's here, it's in the Northern Hemisphere, and the natives are VERY. Polite.

I have been knitting, having used all but a few yards of the beadnik yarn from hell to knit another triangular hair-chief for the neices. I have not touched the smania sweater but am almost to the heel on my green sock no. 2, which I hope to finish either here or on the plane.

Business has gone well, the hotel is from hell (more on that later) and the weather is apparently extraordinary for the season.

DH assures me however that the sun does not shine without me back home, and swears that I took it with me, which no doubt has delighted the natives here, who have likewise commented on our having brought the sun with us. I did speak to everyone a day or two ago. DS was happy to talk to me, they apparently went to the zoo on Tuesday afternoon, which he liked. DD was taking a bath, but apparently happy to hear my voice, even if she could not figure where it came from, and then reportedly waved bye-bye at the conversationally appropriate time.

I am still convinced that she has forgotten me.


I have purchased for 42 local currency units a ticket for opening night at a historically relevant theater of a play written by a very famous playwright who shall remain nameless until someone guesses the correct country.

I shall let you know how that goes!


AuntyNin said...

Sounds to me like you're in Britain, with tickets to a Shakespeare play at the new Globe.

But what do I know?

Left Coast Knitter said...

Well, I know where you are, so I am just going to come right our with it- China.

Hope you are getting all of the peking duck you can!

Janet said...

The heck with where you are or what you are doing! How much yarn have you bought?

We miss you.