Thursday, May 25, 2006

One Skein Pal, where are you??

I am a little bummed. I signed up for both the Interweave One-Skein Swap, and Secret Pal 8.

I did receive a e-card from I believe my Secret Pal, which was really cute. (Thanks Secret Pal!), but have not heard anything from my One-Skein pal.

So One Skein pal, where are you? Please leave a comment and let me know that you are out there. If I have my pals confused, please also let me know!


Celebrating 10 years of corporate prostitution service!

Yesterday I was recognized for 10 years of prostitution selling my soul service at work. I got a choice of lovely celebratory gifts including various watches and decorative objects. I chose the freshwater pearl bracelet as the least of all evils.

And then yesterday during a big town hall, I received a lovely certificate, card from my manager, 10 year paperweight, and another gift.

The gift is a lovely knitting bag. (the admin knows my passions) The one downside is that it is RED......those of you who know me, know that I don't really do RED, and that I have enough RED in my life on the top of my head. Years of being called RED by complete strangers have turned me from the RED path to the Dark Side.

Did I mention that the bag is RED? Other than that, it is a perfect knitting bag, deep, stands by itself, nothing to snag yarn on and cool round handles.

In fact, my boss made the comment that it was very RED but was a great knitting bag. (She too knits).

It's looking like a candidate for alteration....I am thinking fabric paint, or possibly dye, although it may not be cotton, and thus probably undyeable. So any alteration suggestions are welcome.

Annie's Attic Moment

Can I just say yuck? Imagine fabric strips crocheted into a three thingee utensil holder. It could have been cute if the fabric had been cute, but no such luck. It just looks clunky. Too Bad.

Calendar Moment

Since I have been remiss in posting this week, Monday was a pretty plain toddler striped sweater, Tuesday a square hackey sack knit in a square, and Wednesday was the Royal Quilting Vest, and today.....**drum roll please**.....

Today we have the Summer Cloche made with lime yarn and a pink CP Squiggle yarn embellished by some kind of flower in a third color. Cute idea, but I would definitely do a different color than the designer used.

So good day, all, from a 10 year prostitute carrying a RED knitting bag, filled with blue and purple yarn.


Janet said...

Isn't red the traditional color for prostitutes?

I don't have an email address for you so I'm gonna have to blog it.
I had a horrible day at work today so I took off early to console myself with yarn. I went to Fashion Knit (the most pleasant experience I've had there, by the way. Maybe the secret is to go there during the week, not on weekends.) I asked them about the Knit Nite sign on the window and they said "Oh, yeah! Wednesday nights, etc. etc." I mentioned that there is a group that meets at Borders on Wednesday night, too.
(Eventually I'll go back, I promise.) They told me you were at their thing last night. Has the Borders group fizzled out? What's going on with that?

Ceallach said...

No Wed has not fizzled out....I think folks are just busy. Since no one was at Borders, I went to F-Knit to see what the story was. They have a big older group, but many seem to be newbies....they kept trying to 'help' me with my knitting.

Missing you on Wednesday eve.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what has happened to your One Skein pal, but your SP8 spoiler (me) is checking your blog frequently.

I do love your new knitting bag. Pity about the color for you. I too am a redhead but I do like red.

Soon, your first package will arrive. Be on the lookout!