Friday, May 26, 2006

Veni, Vidi, Knitti


Upon reveiwing the yarn in my stash as part of an exercise in tidying up the floor of my sewing room that coincided with the introduction of the stacking crates recently acquired at Joann's for the purpose of reining in the containers spread all over, I started a new bag for felting. This bag will be knit with 4 skeins of BONGO by Tahki, which I wound into 4 balls of yarn the size of large honeydews or small watermelons. The thought is that their sheer volume of wool warrants knitting up to make room in the stash.

So classic pattern for felted bag, knit a rectangle and pick up all around to knit in the round. I plan to knit in the round until I run out and then add some kind of handle made with something else entirely. I don't know what yet.

I had taken a quick picture this am, but it is not on my phone now. I will have to inject the photo later for your viewing pleasure!


Upon receiving my Summer InterWeave Knits, I found this pattern for the Icarus Shawl which I plan to knit with my Shadow, but in two colors. Here is a photo of the pattern so that you can see what I am going to be making.

Now there are some complaints on KR about the photo being fuzzy, but I looked at the charts etc and just like the pattern, so I am going to knit her up!

Now, you should know that I have a sampler of Shadow from Knit picks that I got, and I have one skein of each color including a couple of colors that I do not care for.

What's a girl to do? Well, if she dyes, then she can take the 2 skeins required for the shawl and overdye them in the same pot, getting two skeins of similar color for a two-toned shawl. Since the shawl is knit from the top center out, the bottom edge will have a different color that will be quite attractive.

Now the question is:

What color to overdye the two skeins of Shadow? To start with the skeins that are willing to dive in the dyepot are colors Oregon Coast and Redwood Forest. I am thinking that a green overdye might be good, but blue might be bettter for the simple reason that these colors lean toward a gold and the combination should yield a nice greenish color. I hope. Big leap of faith of course.

Knitti ( to conquer by knitting)

I have conquered the sugar and cream that I dyed a long time ago by knitting it into a bathmat for my bathroom, since the one I had disappeared to god knows where, but probably is accompanied by socks (not handknit).

Veritable hordes of rogue socks.

Here it is, the bathmat knit with 5 strands of S&C. Do you know how hard it is to knit with 5 strands of that stuff? Good thing it was bulky or I would have had to fall upon my knitting needles in some kind of bizarre ritualistic knitting hari kari.

Janet, No Wed has not fizzled out....I think folks are just busy. Since no one was at Borders, I went to F-Knit to see what the story was. They have a big older group, but many seem to be newbies....they kept trying to 'help' me with my knitting.
Missing you on Wednesday eve.

Calendar Moment

The Young Touch Cotton Shirt, A little clunky and the color it's shown in turns me off, but other knitters would love's a soft beigey flax color. Not thrilled about this one, it will not find itself OTN for me.

Annie ain't got anything that is much better.

I guess that since I don't care for these I will need to find something online to rave about so that I don't sound like a Curmudgeon!

AHA! here is something....thanks so much Purl Drops for the reference to PersnicketyKnitter's zigzag scarf. It really is loverly, and even looks like it's not too difficile! And it's red to go with my new appropriately red Prostitute bag!

What more could a girl want!??!

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