Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Yarn Report

Because inquiring minds want to know.....Here is the London yarn report, wherein I disclose my treasures.

For Left Coast Knitter, here is the ill-boughten goodies:

Colinette Prism in Caramel

Rowan Calmer in a pretty beige. Not my color, but looks loverly on her.

Rowan Linen Drape, which I think is discontinued, and was a steal at GBP 1.99 a ball, or about 35 dollars for the bag of 10. It is part linen and part viscose.

And here is my ill-gotten booty:

Rowan Linen Drape in Navy

RYC CashCotton in aqua-10 balls.

Colinette Giotto in a turquoise and green colorway that I don't know the name of at the moment. I think I got 6 balls of it.

Colinette Prism in Ischia again 5-6 balls of yarn.

One ball each of Colinette Giotto and Prism in color Strawberries and Cream for a shawl knit from the top out alternating the yarn every 2 rows. I have now run out of the yarn and picked up some Kersti and something else to continue the shawl. The new yarns in are some greens. We shall see how they work out, otherwise I may go back to the drawing board.

Here is a close up of the shawl in progress...

And here is the picture of the ill-gotten booty as a whole! Before you all have collective heart attacks, you should know that I don't go to the yarn store very often, I tend to shop at shows like Stitches and while travelling.

I don't know why, perhaps I'll die.

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jenn said...

I love all of the colors of yarn you picked out!