Thursday, May 18, 2006

The London Report is UP!

But for some reason, blogger is not cooperating at all. So for my dear readers, I am providing the link to the London Report.

Other news:

I heard from my Secret Pal today! Yeah! She sent me a really cute e-card, which inspired me to send nice cream to my secret pal and one-skein pal! Thanks Secret Pal for the card!

I have to say that Annie ain't showing nice things lately, so that I almost don't wanna look. But here I go.

Click, Click.

Okay, that is scarey. Picture a crocheted rug with alternating squares of fringed stuff. Oh, the humanity.....

The calendar has Rosa d'Amore to knit. This pattern gives you the option of making a small tea rose or a larger cabbage rose. It is pretty, and there is quite a bit of information on which yarns to use to make them, as well as some additional pictures in different yarns. I may try out this pattern if I can find some yarn that is appropriate.


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