Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Today was Bring your Child to Work Day

So I brought my son to work and we did a bunch of stuff that the company put together, highlight being the tour of the generators that sit on top of the biggest building....They are huge-twice the size of a semi engine, and there are 7 to provide power in the event of power outages.
Best part was that DS got a couple of hours just with me, no baby to compete with.

Left Coast Knitter response to the lovely picture of the sleeves a couple of posts ago:

What is the smania sweater? All I can find for Smania is handcrafted Italian furniture! Are you knitting a chiffarobe?
1:58 PM

Well, Left Coast Knitter, I am not knitting furniture, although surely there is a market for that. Smania is the name of some yarn from Joann's that apparently is so new that they have not yet taken a picture and posted it on their website.

The yarn is a series of nylon fibers with a cotton binder thread knit around them into an I cord arrangement. It is very interesting and so I purchased a bunch and am knitting a sweater with it. You have already seen the sleeves. Next is the body. I have not cast on for the body, although I would like to get that done before boarding the plane tomorrow night, in addition to packing my clothes and sewing up some pants to wear that are lying cut out on the sewing table. No I have no ambition whatsoever.

The calendar has no joy today just being a dry continuation of the previous pattern. However, I felt it appropriate to skip ahead a bit since I will be away. This weekend's entry is a pattern for Arches and Pillars stitch. I may take this one with me on the plane with the laceweight yarn and make a nice shawl with it, but in multiple colors.

Annie's Attic has this up today, which I like the colors on, but not that I want to crochet it. Besides it's kind of well frumpy!

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Left Coast Knitter said...

AAaaah, no chiffarobes, then. I can't wait to see the finished product! And wow, you sure are right about the frumpy sweater- that woman in the picture is really good at faking a smile!