Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Today is Hug an Australian Day!

And since I have no Australians handy, I am sending out virtual hugs today to all Australian, especially members of the ANZACs. More information can be found here. So here come the hugs, brace yourselves.....


And now back to our normal programming.

Today's Pattern on the Calendar is an Asymmetrical Jacket in 3 Colors by Crystal Palace in half linen stitch. I like the colors on the website better than on the calendar which shows a series of khaki greens. Unfortunately, tomorrow's pattern is the continuation of this pattern. The best part is that the sizing goes all the way up to a 50" finished bust measurement.

The Annie's Attic pattern today are these lovely crocheted potholders. I have to say that I like the colors, and since bands of crochet are woven together, they would be nice and thick to say the least! Would I make them? Probably not.

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