Monday, April 17, 2006

The Soysilk Mutant is dead!

I finally finished spinning the soysilk mutant. I now have 9 skeins of various yardage that I washed and have hung up to dry in the bathroom. I think that I have about 1100 yds, but am not quite sure until I count it all up, once it's dry.

Now I have to dye it. It's a lovely oatmeal color that would look fabuloso on a blond or brunette, but will render my peaches and cream complexion unto the green of death. Therefore, it must be dyed.

The big question is whether to dye today or dye later? The choice of weapons can be made once that is determined.

Cast your vote today for dye today or dye another day.....

Calendar entries for the weekend includes the Spring Cardigan to go with the Spring Shell from Friday but with the addition of lazy daisy flowers to the mid-section, sure to draw attention to my fluffy midsection. Quite charming, but not the greatest choice for yours truly.

Today's entry is merely the continuation of the spring cardi pattern onto Monday.

But today's winner is the Annie's Attic Pattern of the day. It's this..... Now I ask you....who has an Easter or Spring tree upon which to hang this lovely ornament? It's a bit bizarre to be sure!

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