Monday, September 26, 2005

The Teddy Bear Saga

I had some Burly spun that was given to me, which I dyed in the yarn in reds, oranges and browns....perfect colors for a teddy bear for Rowan.

I knit it up using the bear pattern in Knitters Summer 2003. It came out quite large and lovely. I started to think that felting it would be would become soft and cuddly for little Rowan.

I duly stuffed it with polyfill, of which I have a lot which I probably got for some silly project, and then never used. A pound of polyfill takes a lot of room, for those of you who are unaware....and yet you can't get any less than that. I lovingly sewed it shut, all my seams were beautifully done, invisible even.

Dear Son and I put it into the washing machine, actually I started the washer, DS put teddy in. We let the washer do it's magic. We opened the washer at the end, and pulled out.....

STIMPY. My beautiful teddy bear looked like a mockery of a cartoon character.....the arms and legs had stretched to epic proportions, and his stuffing was well....coming unstuffed.

Alas poor Stimpy, it is the landfill for you.

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