Monday, September 19, 2005

California Wool and Fiber Festival

This weekend, the family and I packed up the car and drove off to Boonville Ca, home of the Mendocino County Fair cum Apple Fair cum California Wool and Fiber Festival.

The actual Fiber Festival was actually very small, along the lines of Lambtown USA. There was one small hall devoted to the fiber with the usual back wall dedicated to the wool portion. Not a lot of fleeces, and they were not laid out to sell well let alone well-labeled. But then I am used to the Black Sheep method, where there is a big sheet providing the name of the sheep, shepherd, breed, weight, class and price per pound. These fleeces were not even labeled with the breed unless the class was the breed. Talk about signt unseen!

What did I get? about 6 ounces of 150's merino, 3+ ounces of cormo batts, KnitCards, Bryspun circular needles and a Majacraft spindle. Not much to be sure, but where it counts!

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