Wednesday, August 31, 2005

FOs and UFOs and Alien Child Body Snatchers

The R2 Paper shrug is now done. I finally learned how to do a seam that is not really visible. So the shrug is now done. Yeah!! Unfortunately, I still have a small amount of the yarn left as I was going to do an edging that just wound up being way too tight, so I dropped the idea and ripped it out altogether! Pictures come later.

The cardi is coming along... I now have about 2 inches of ruffle, another 2-3 more and I will be ready to change needles and start the decreases.

And, I finished the machine knitting for the sweater. I found out after the front was done that DS put a different keyplate into the carriage, and so the front and back are slightly different gauges. No worries though, a few more rows on the back's bottom will bring them into line. The shoulders are already put together, although the seam rests a little down the back like some of the better sweaters do. It creates an interesting dropped back neckline. So a few rows of stockinette on the bottom back and then I can seam the front and back together and decide on how to crochet the sleeves. I plan to do a picot edge on the neckline and some kind of shell stitch on the sleeves and hem. It will be really pretty, as the fabric has quite a bit of drape to it right now.

Note to self, color code the key plates, so that this problem is really obvious next time.
Further note to self, string body-snatched eldest child up for messing with Mama's toys. Bury body of alien body snatcher in Really Good Hiding Place. Send Robot Replacement to first day of kindergarten.

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