Monday, August 29, 2005

Finally I have bound off the R2 Paper Shrug. Honestly this yarn just goes on forever. One could easily make a tank top with 3-4 skeins of R2 Paper in stockinette. This evening I plan to seam it and then pick up around the edge to knit a nice edge that will roll. Then it will be done and I can wear it to work over tank tops etc.

The cardi for the baby is underway and I am thinking that I may write up the pattern for submission to some of the pattern places....Maybe Knitty or other spots...

This weekend I also finished the back of the ribbon sweater on the knitting machine and started the front as well. It is going really quickly which is nice given the sheer volume of yarn in my house at the moment.

And just on a lark I also began a crocheted poncho with Lion Jiffy in bright blue. I am not sure that I will continue it though as it looks rather cheap to me. I had originally gotten this yarn to make something for my son, and I may yet frog it and do something on the knitting machine with it. Maybe I will get Brynn to help with it and then he can tell people that he knit it on Mama's knitting machine.

I am really wanting to get some of the yarn used up as well as the fabric and fiber. The sewing room is just full to bursting and there is still stuff all over the floor. Only by using it up can I make space for more. I just wish that I had more time with less disruption to do some of the work....but the baby is at the right age to leave on the floor....I am amazed at how content she is to just roll around while I do things. Now if only I could get the 5-year-old to roll around on the floor, I would be set!

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