Thursday, September 08, 2005


the green machine knit sweater is seamed together at the side seams, the neckline has picots, and I am now working on the shell edging on the bottom hem. The fabric is beautiful though, and I am happy with the project so far. I can't wait to finish this and put another sweater onto the machine....I may try making a vest for DS with some WoolEase that I have, to get it out of the stash!

The baby's cardi has been decreased to create the flounce and when I have a chance, I need to find the correct set of needles to use going forward.

I also started a couple of projects with some Fun Fur in my stash, one a scarf using two balls which I gave to a girl at work, and a collar with some cuffs....collar complete, cuffs are only conceptualized!

Operation stash reduction is well underway and I am starting to really enjoy shopping the stash.....

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