Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Darkest before the dawn

So I guess things are always darkest before the dawn.  

This week, I managed to tip the 15 lb mark on my personal wieght loss....leaving me 30 pounds to go.  Since I have lost the 15 lbs in about 2 months, I guess that I can figure to be at goal weight maybe in June, which is way cool if it comes about.  

Also, the sun is up, the nights are brighter thanks to a little human manipulation of the time-space continuum, which most people call Daylight Savings Time.   When I get home there's a spot of daylight to play with, which is not a bad thing.  

I just yesterday received two BIG boxes from Mr. Brown.....they are right now sitting in my garage.    Three guesses as to what is in the boxes.....anyone?  Bueller?  


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alienated_bookworm said...

I just read your post on KR reg. your knitting mishaps, too.
This really wasn't your week, was it?
But the weightloss is good!! And other things will get better, also!