Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I don' write, I don' call!

It's a New Year, and I don't write, I don't call. Yes, I know, and rest assured my guilt over this is profound. But in all fairness, I have my reasons, which I could go into in 3 part harmony, but won't, because really, mostly folks don't care.

Let's just say that there's been a lot of things shaking up round here and I have not felt bloggy as a result.

But it's also a brand new spanking year, and I have a lot to be grateful for, such as a yob, a business, a book, 2 healthy children and a man who clearly loves me to death, or at least to dyeing.

New years are nothing without the occasional goal (a.k.a resolution) to look forward to. I have accomplished two of mine already, one accomplished yesterday, when I got my professional certification. You may now call me Ceallach, PMP. That was a huge deal, for which I have been applying, audited, studying and examined thoroughly. I swear that the testing center stopped just shy of a cavity search before they would let me sit for the exam. I get the whys and wherefores, but wow, it's easier to get on a plane, let me tell you.

I am also doing the 12 Sweaters in 12 months challenge on Ravelry, for which I am almost done with my 1st, right on time. The next one is a toss up between a heavy and challenging sweater like a cabled something, or something more simple, like a camisole knit with Ceallach Dyes' Lace yarn to wear under my workee sweaters, which would be helpful.

So what are you up to?


Bezzie said...

Hee hee, congrats on the certification, but those three letters make me giggle! ;-)

Congrats on getting two done already!

Batty said...

You don't have to blog if you don't feel like i. I'm always looking forward to reading what you have to say, but I can do that on the feminist forum on rav too.

Left Coast Knitter said...

Hey Ceallach, glad to see you back!

Ceallach said...

Glad to be back, everyone! It's been so long.....