Friday, August 01, 2008

Back in action

So I am back in action. What have I been doing?

Well, trying to get the book done. I really need to spend a day just working on the book without interruption, but I am also really wanting family life back.

By that I mean that I have been working fulltime, commuting three days a week, telecommuting 2 days. On Saturdays, I get ready to dye and shoot on Sunday morning. It does not leave a lot of time for family and knitting and whatever else a working mom of two needs to do. Including exercise.

I have now managed to put on 20 pounds (or damn close to it) in the 7 months on new yob. Vacation did not help to be sure. It's to the point where I am embarassed to go to work, because I look awful in my clothes and have not been able to find some new pants say.

I cleaned my closet out ruthlessly last weekend, and have fabric out to sew, but little time to do so.

The worst part is knowing that I need to lose the weight, not because of the way I look so much (I am beyond thinking I will be a skinny minnie) but because I feel slow and my clothes don't fit right (and I know from experience, that buying new ones won't help) and my cholesterol is up a bit.

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Bezzie said...

I'm a reverse bear. I seem to put weight on in the summer and take it off in the winter. So maybe there's hope? Summer just seems to have too much going on.

Hope life settles down for you a bit!