Monday, July 07, 2008

Mama said there would be days like this

She did not however say that the days may stretch out into weeks or months.

You know how sometimes in life, things are clicking along just fine, work is going good (fabulous actually), the book is coming along, you just got the bills paid off, and took a long vacation wherein despite taking 12 knitting projects, plus two extra yarn packs, just in case, but still there is something disquieting about it all.

Not a slump exactly.

Not depression.

Just things tripping along, almost without you in the driver's seat.

What is that?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is where I am. Things are tripping along, and it's all good.

I think that I am waiting for the shoe to drop. You know, the other one that They hold in the air until you relax, sigh a deep sigh and relax ever so much. Then They let go and the shoe drops whistling through the air until


You guessed it. The other shoe dropped.

Now you're in for it.

It does not even matter what It is.

It will be bad. Unpleasant. Less than enjoyable....really take your pick of your descriptors. They all mean the same thing.

Are you with me?

Yeah, that's the kind of day it is. The worst part though is not knowing.


Bezzie said...

Oof. I'm a shoe dropping waiter too. I'm sorry yours fell, but you're right, sometimes it's better than the wait.

Ceallach said...

Nope, I am still waiting for it.

I know it's there.......dang it.

Left Coast Knitter said...

Ugh- maybe it is this ghastly heat...

Batty said...

I also wait for the shoe to drop.

But I also know people who have been living a charmed life... one that is so all-around easy (not perfect, that's different), and the shoe never dropped. So maybe, just maybe...

Nah. Sorry, too much Slavic blood. Depression and cynicism run in the population, not just the family.