Friday, February 15, 2008

Knitting and Dyeing

The circular shawl is done, finally, here it is blocking.....It is actually dry as of this morning, but I am going to leave it there on a late timeout. I think that it will be called Waterlily, because it's kind of shaped that way. It will be a free pattern with a purchase of Ceallach Dyes Lace at Stitches West, so see Hollis Bischoff at the Full Thread Ahead booths-numbers 621, 623, 720, 722. This shawl is knit with the Lace Gradations colorway called the Blues.

Gradations is a new type of Lace, where there are actually three skeins of lace semisolids in a gradated scale. The idea is that the knitter can use them for stripes, a gradation or whatever they like. Look for more patterns using the Lace Gradations.
Here is the latest yarn emerging from the dyeing process, waiting to be skeined. I will be a skeining fool this weekend. And finally some of the new colors here at Ceallach Dyes. See you at Stitches.


Bezzie said...

I gasped at your first picture--and kept gasping as I scrolled down!

HoJo said...

Waterlily is stunning and the new colors are fabulous! I can't wait to see them in person (and you, of course, :})